Adam Curtis, “HyperNormalisation” BBC Documentary

Here is the link to Adam Curtis’ interesting essay film/documentary, “Hypernormalization.” See Adam Curtis’ blog here: See, also, The Guardian’s take on the film.

10/40/70 Analysis of Ali: Fear Eats the Soul by rob thomas, ph.d.

This is my analysis of some key scenes in Fassbinder’s Ali:Fear Eats the Soul. It uses the 10/40/70 method of film interpretation (following the one employed by Nicholas Rombes in his book of the same title). It was written for my students in Thought and Image of Fall 2014. READ MY ANALYSIS

Jordon Wood”Playing Against the Gamespace:Heeding the Call for a Gamer Theory”

PLAYING AGAINST GAME SPACE This is Jordon Wood’s discussion of game space. READ HIS THOUGHTS

Ecstasy of the Angels: Modernity, Japanese Cinema, and the Politics of Everyday Life

ECSTASY OF THE ANEGLES This was a course I taught on the Japanese cinema of the Art Theater Guild, roughly from 1968 – 1972. The website is a fairly comprehensive resource on the subject and was a super fun class. CHECK OUT THE COURSE WEBSITE

A Scandal in Suburbia: Interview with Todd Haynes and Edward Lachman

A Scandal In Suburbia Interview with Todd Haynes and Edward Lachman by Jon Silberg on Far From Heaven from American Cinematographer (December, 2002)​ Read the Interview

“Something That Is Dangerous and Arousing and Transgressive” An Interview with Todd Haynes

Todd Haynes in Conversation with Julia Leyda This is a pretty great interview with Todd Haynes. It’s fairly expansive, digging into his recent work on Mildred Pierce, and spanning his entire career. It was included in Leyda’s edited anthology of Haynes’ interviews. Read the Interview

A Powerful Political Potential: Haynes on Sirk and Fassbinder

A Powerful Political Potential This is s short excerpt from Factory Films’ documentary of Haynes talking about Sirk and Fassbinder. WATCH THE CLIP

Beyond Melodrama: Kathryn Bigelow on Douglas Sirk

Beyond Melodrama This is an excerpt from a longer documentary short by Factory Films on Kathryn Bigelow discussing the work of Douglas Sirk. Watch the Clip Here