The Post-Perceptual Mediation of Post-Cinematic Affect

“2.5 Crazy Cameras, Discorrelated Images, and the Post-Perceptual Mediation of Post-Cinematic Affect” Shane Denson on Post-Cinematic Affect. From Post-Cinema: Theorizing 21st-Century Film Ed. by Leyda and Denson, ReFrame Books. Read

Post-Cinematic Affect Roundtable Discussion

PLEASE NOTE: LA FURIA UMANA’S Website is currently down Therese Grisham conducts two roundtable discussions on the Post-Cinematic for La Furia Umana. The Post-Cinematic in Paranormal Activity and Paranormal Activity2 POST-CINEMATIC AFFECT: POST-CONTINUITY, THE IRRATIONAL CAMERA, THOUGHTS ON 3D and Shaviro on Post-Continuity