3 Responses to "Post-Cinematic Affect Roundtable Discussion"
  1. Shane Denson says:

    Hi, while the La Furia Umana website is down, you can find PDFs of the two roundtables here:

    1) Julia Leyda has the first one (2011) up here: http://www.academia.edu/966735/Roundtable_Discussion_about_the_Post-Cinematic_in_Paranormal_Activity_and_Paranormal_Activity_2

    2) I have a copy of the second one (2012) at my academia.edu page here: http://www.academia.edu/1993403/_Post-Cinematic_Affect_Post-Continuity_the_Irrational_Camera_Thoughts_on_3D_

    Shane Denson

  2. Rob Thomas says:

    Thanks for the info, Shane!

    • Shane Denson says:

      You’re welcome, and thanks for linking to the discussions! Looks like a great course. I’ll also be teaching a course on post-cinema this coming semester. Also a conference in Berlin coming up in November on “Dissolutions of Perspective in Post-Cinema,” where both Steven Shaviro and I will be speaking (unfortunately no link yet). Let me know if you’d like more info.

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