Corporate Cannibal

This is the video for Grace Jones’ “Corporate Cannibal” (which Steve Shaviro discusses in Post-Cinematic Affect.

The Post-Perceptual Mediation of Post-Cinematic Affect

“2.5 Crazy Cameras, Discorrelated Images, and the Post-Perceptual Mediation of Post-Cinematic Affect” Shane Denson on Post-Cinematic Affect. From Post-Cinema: Theorizing 21st-Century Film Ed. by Leyda and Denson, ReFrame Books. Read

Post-Cinematic Affect Roundtable Discussion

PLEASE NOTE: LA FURIA UMANA’S Website is currently down Therese Grisham conducts two roundtable discussions on the Post-Cinematic for La Furia Umana. The Post-Cinematic in Paranormal Activity and Paranormal Activity2 POST-CINEMATIC AFFECT: POST-CONTINUITY, THE IRRATIONAL CAMERA, THOUGHTS ON 3D and Shaviro on Post-Continuity  

Southland Tales

Richard Kelly on “Southland Tales” Complete and Unedited. This is a great interview from reporter Abraham Riesman. Photos by Joshua Shultz. Read the Interview Here are some of the various FAQ pages about Southland Tales. It is important to state that just because Southland Tales is doing different things with narrative, it doesn’t mean it is […]