Manifesto: The 21st Century Will Be Defined By Games

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Previous centuries have been defined by novels and cinema. In a bold manifesto we’re proud to debut here on Kotaku, game designer Eric Zimmerman states that this century will be defined by games. Below is Zimmerman’s manifesto, which will also appear in the upcoming book The Gameful World from MIT press. We invite you to read it, […]

Post-Cinematic Affect Roundtable Discussion

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PLEASE NOTE: LA FURIA UMANA’S Website is currently down Therese Grisham conducts two roundtable discussions on the Post-Cinematic for La Furia Umana. The Post-Cinematic in Paranormal Activity and Paranormal Activity2 POST-CINEMATIC AFFECT: POST-CONTINUITY, THE IRRATIONAL CAMERA, THOUGHTS ON 3D and Shaviro on Post-Continuity  

Southland Tales

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Here are some of the various FAQ pages about Southland Tales. It is important to state that just because Southland Tales is doing different things with narrative, it doesn’t mean it is not a narrative film and that it doesn’t have a narrative structure. Shaviro’s analysis could be described as narrative+, with the concept of the […]

Pop Art

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This is a very old post from an old blog for Thought and Image on Pop Art. It gives you a handy check-list of what we have covered in class.  Here is a list of some of the key critical features of Pop Art (just to remind ourselves). Pop Art: -Levels the distinction between high […]